Emergency Lighting Testing in Perth

With 35 years in the safety services sector, Calbarrie Glasgow is qualified and approved to test and supply emergency lighting in Perth and throughout Scotland.

Our electricians will test the existing emergency lighting in your premises, and can advise on and supply BS5266 compliant emergency lighting products and services.

Why do I need it?

In the event of fire, it is essential that the safest and quickest routes to the exit are displayed. Our electricians can help you to position your signs correctly and ensure that they work on battery power in an emergency situation.

Who does it apply to?

General Installations, Buildings Open to the Public & Special Installations.

How does Calbarrie deliver this service?

• We employ fully trained engineers.

• We operate in the Perth area.

• We ensure that our teams are always working to the latest standards.

• Full range of emergency lighting and signs available.

• All signs comply with 'Signs and Signals regulation'.

Emergency Lighting

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Emergency Lighting supply, Emergency lighting testing throughout Scotland from Calbarrie.

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