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Thermal Imaging, also known as thermography or hot spot testing, is a powerful electrical diagnostic tool.

Using an advanced infrared camera which highlights areas of high heat it is possible to quickly identify which components are experiencing excessive loading or phase imbalance. This is a common problem for all electrical equipment due to component deterioration, loose connections etc. With the faulty components identified it is easier to address the problem, prevent component failure and reduce the risk of fire from overheating.

With Thermal Imaging, potential faults in electrical components can be identified instantaneously and the severity of the problem can be understood. The hotter areas will be distinctly brighter on the Thermal Image, pointing you directly and instantly to the component causing the problem. We can then provide a suitable solution and undertake remedial action.

Key Points

• Instantly detects system and equipment deterioration.

• Thermal imaging highlights excessive loading and phase imbalance.

• Identifies potential electrical component failure and fire risk from overheating.

• Finds faults not always visible by conventional testing.

• Tackles the problem early to prevent excessive costs in future.

• Unobtrusive testing requiring no shut down or loss of productivity.

We provide a detailed Thermal Imaging Report with every inspection showing the installations details and characteristics, the schedule of items tested and inspected, a thermal image and standard image of the equipment surveyed and recommendations for any further action required with an explanation as to why it is necessary.

Thermal Imaging

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